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Teacher Dismissal Bill, Redux

LA School Report | December 6, 2012

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State Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima)

SB 10, a bill aimed at streamlining the dismissal process for teachers accused of sexual misconducted, was introduced earlier this week and is now out in a full-text version.

A carbon copy of SB 1530 (the previous bill seeking to address this issue) SB 10 is among a handful of proposals sure to garner attention even before the session begins for real in January. As with its predecessor, SB 10 was submitted by Senator Alex Padilla.

Earlier this year, the teachers union seemed initially to be unopposed to SB 1530, which passed easily in the Senate, but then dug in its heels in the Assembly and helped to kill it. This time, lawmakers may think twice about doing the bidding of the teacher lobby.  One legislator who helped defeat the bill, Betsy Butler, was portrayed in a CNN report as having protected pedophile teachers and lost her election in November by a close margin. (See bill here. See CNN report here).

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