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Charted: Increased Teacher Dismissals

Hillel Aron | April 12, 2013

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Here are some extra charts to illustrate yesterday’s LA Weekly story about LAUSD’s strong emphasis on teacher accountability over the past couple of years.

They show a rise in teacher dismissals and “unsatisfactory” ratings — even as the number of teachers in LAUSD has decreased by thousands.

Click below for the charts.

Last school year, 99 teachers were fired 122 resigned to avoid dismissal proceedings. While that number — 221 — is less than 1% of the now 27,208 teachers in LAUSD but way more than the three teachers that were fired five years earlier, in the 2006-07 school year:

Post-Miramonte, there’s been a stepped-up effort to get rid of teachers that have been found to have harmed students. But the district has for the last couple of years been firing more teachers than ever before for poor classroom performance (ie, teachers receiving “unsatisfactory” Stull Evaluations) — even before the controversial new teacher evaluation system has been put in place:

Rising dismissal numbers and growing numbers of teacher ineffectiveness ratings are all the more surprising when you consider just how fewer teachers there are than there eight years ago — down from almost 36,0000 to just over 27,000:

The rise in the number of teachers not getting tenure isn’t as dramatic as the spike in dismissals, but it’s still a noticeable rise:

For more, see this new LA Weekly story.

Note:  All statistics in this post are courtesy of LAUSD’s office of human resources

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