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Teacher Evaluation Bill Withdrawn

Hillel Aron | August 31, 2012

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After much-last minute scrambling, Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes decided to withdraw AB 5, the controversial bill to overhaul how public school teachers are evaluated in California. Fuentes (pictured) issued a statement Thursday evening, reading in part: “I could not in good conscious [sic] allow the proposed amendments to be voted on without a full public hearing… I believe this issue is too important to be decided at the last minute and in the dark of night.” You can read the full statement here.

Other coverage:  The LA Times describe the outcome as “a blow for the powerful California Teachers Assn.” (Lawmaker withdraws teacher evaluation bill). EdSource reports that towards the end word got out that Governor Brown didn’t want the bill to pass  (Fuentes withdraws teacher eval bill; says he ran out of time). The CTA posted word that LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer sent a letter endorsing the Fuentes proposal  (L.A. School Board Member: Approve AB 5). LA Weekly named AB 5 to its list of 10 Stupidest California Bills That Legislators Are Trying to Slam Through at Final Hour.

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