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Teachers union is in town, Vergara front and center

LA School Report | July 11, 2014

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GOP leader asks Brown not to appeal teacher ruling Republican lawmakers on Thursday asked Gov. Jerry Brown to resist union pressure to appeal a Los Angeles judge’s decision striking down tenure and other job protections for California teachers SacBee/AP

Schools’ next test is getting tenure ruling to pay off in class If the ruling stands, the challenge for California will be to craft a system that offers stability to teachers but also gives districts the ability to manage their workforce so that the best teachers reach the students who need them most. LA Times

Teachers union to rally in L.A. against loss of job protections The AFT, at its national convention, will vote on a resolution that condemns the motivation behind Vergara v. California and Harris v. Quinn, in which the Supreme Court limited the right of unions to collect dues from non-members represented by unions. LA Times

What’s on Tap for the 2014 AFT Convention Let’s begin by reviewing why the AFT’s convention has such a different feel from that of its sister union. In comparison to the National Education Association’s annual gathering, the AFT’s convention is a lot less rowdy. There’s less pomp and circumstance. EdWeek

Commentary: Grounding Vergara in the Realities of Teaching in California Whether one supports or opposes the Vergara decision the ruling raises critical issues regarding teaching quality with which California policymakers soon must grapple in order to strengthen the state’s system of teaching and learning. EdWeek

Teachers’ union convention tackles pressing school issues Union delegates from across the nation are converging in downtown Los Angeles this morning to hear California’s governor and school superintendent and education experts speak at the opening day of the American Federation of Teachers convention.Daily News


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