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UTLA tax return offers glimpse behind the curtain

LA School Report | February 6, 2014

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The latest IRS tax filing for UTLA, the nation’s second largest teachers union, was made public this week on its website, providing a look into the financial health of the powerful union.

For the year ending August, 2012 (the most recent available), the union reported a 2.5 percent drop in total revenue, and a 4 percent drop in membership dues. While salaries remained about the same, at $8 million, expenses were trimmed, avoiding a repeat of the deficit it reported in 2011.

“They had a fairly substantial drop in revenue, which is a reflection of the overall climate for teacher union locals,” says Mike Antonucci, editor of the blog, Education Intelligence Agency, which reports on teachers unions. (See his city by city comparisons from previous filings here).

Including income from other organizations, UTLA president, Warren Fletcher, earned a total of $123,000, significantly less than Carl Joseph, an area representative and a lawyer who helps out the union in arbitration cases. He was the highest paid among all UTLA officers, at $222,000.

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