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The “Ineffective” Teachers Game

LA School Report | April 1, 2013

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A recent New York Times article about states and districts finding that just two to six percent of teachers are rated ineffective (Curious Grade for Teachers: Nearly All Pass) — even using new student achievement data has set off a ton of chatter online about whether that percentage is too low, too high, just about right, or “it depends.”

The current LAUSD figure is undoubtedly much lower than that, considering that student achievement is not yet part of the evaluation system, and might or might not go up under the new teacher evaluation plan being implemented in September, based on what the New York Times found.

As you may recall from a September LA School Report post, only about 4 percent of LAUSD teachers don’t receive tenure — a determination made in large part through annual teacher evaluations.  The figure hasn’t changed much since Superintendent Deasy arrived.

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