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Concerns About Republican Endorsement of Ratliff?

Samantha Oltman | March 13, 2013

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In anticipation of tonight’s UTLA House of Representatives debate over the union’s District 6 runoff endorsements, an anonymous tipster sent LA School Report a copy of a flyer sent out by District 6 candidate Monica Ratliff during the primary campaign that touts her support from Republican LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and describes her as “the Republicans’ choice for School Board.” (See mailer here.)

While the concerned tipster describe Antonovich as “one of the most conservative Republicans there are,” Ratliff is a classroom teacher and member of UTLA’s House of Representatives who has recently hardened her positions on some key education policy issues. Her endorsement by Antovich was known during the campaign. Thus far, nobody from Ratliff’s camp has responded to our request for comment.

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