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Union Schedules Special Session To Reconsider Endorsements*

LA School Report | March 8, 2013

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District 6 runoff contenders Monica Ratliff (left) and Antonio Sanchez (right)

UTLA Vice President Gregg Solkovits told LA School Report shortly before Wednesday’s House of Representatives meeting that the topic of the dual endorsed candidates for District 6  — Antonio Sanchez and Monica Ratliff — would likely come up, and apparently it did.

The union didn’t decide to strip Sanchez of his endorsement immediately, but rather — according to a Friday morning web-chat with LA Times education reporter Howard Blume — re-interview the candidates.

Obviously, it would hurt Sanchez in some ways to lose the UTLA endorsement.  But it’s not clear if that will happen — or how long it will take. *UPDATE:  UTLA’s Suzanne Spurgeon tells us that PACE is meeting with the two candidates next week and that there is a special House of Representatives meeting on Wednesday.  “If there is any decision, that would be the place for it.”

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