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Update: Daily News Matches LA Times Endorsements

LA School Report | February 25, 2013

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Here’s what the LA Daily News has to say in its new LAUSD School Board endorsements —  the same three candidates who were endorsed earlier this month by the LA Times editorial page, albeit not entirely for the same reasons:

District 2: Monica Garcia: “She has been a consistent, if sometimes lukewarm, supporter of reform.”

District 4: Kate Anderson: She is “squarely in the camp of education reform – but sane reform that doesn’t hand over our public schools to private interests.”

District 6: Monica Ratliff: “Ratliff may be a teacher, and a UTLA chapter chair at that, but her platform is pure students-first. Her platform encompasses standard reform issues from curbing teacher tenure to encouraging more charterlike flexibility at the school sites.”

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