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Update: Robust Fundraising Numbers for Candidates

Samantha Oltman | February 22, 2013

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School Board candidates have stepped up their game in direct fundraising in the past month — even as their campaign coffers continue to be eclipsed by the skyrocketing unlimited independent expenditure (IE) contributions.

According to new figures posted to the LA City Ethics Commission, some candidates are far outpacing others – and candidates who support reform issues also appear to be more successful at raising money.

District 2 (Downtown – East Los Angeles)
Incumbent Board President Monica Garcia, a strong proponent of reform, leads the pack. Her campaign has raised $333,000 so far, adding $70,000 since the last reporting period a month ago. Robert Skeels, despite a grassroots following and backing by the teachers union, has raised $17,200, adding $3000 in the last month. Isabel Vazquez, who isn’t backed by reform groups or UTLA, has raised $13,100 directly for her campaign, a big leap from the $7000 she reported a month ago. Candidate Annamarie Montanez, who is also UTLA-endorsed, has raised  $9,200 altogether, but added less than $400 in the last month. Abelardo Diaz, the third UTLA-backed candidate, has raised $3,600 altogether, adding onlly $100 to his coffers.

District 4 (Westside to Hollywood)
With only two candidates in the field, this contentious race is likely to be the only one that will be decided in the March 5 primary instead of going to a May runoff. Kate Anderson, who has been a vocal supporter of expanding school choice, has raised $203,000, adding $70,000 since the last reporting period a month ago. She is looking to unseat incumbent School Board member Steve Zimmer who has raised $70,000 for his campaign, adding $40,000 in the last month.

District 6 (East San Fernando Valley)
In this race, where all three candidates are endorsed by UTLA and are competing for an open School Board seat, contributions have been slightly more muted. Antonio Sanchez’s campaign has raised $40,000, which places him well ahead of his opponents, doubling what he had raised a month ago. Candidate Monica Ratliff’s campaign has raised $13,100 so far, adding $4000 since the last reporting period. Maria Cano has received a total of $9,100 in direct contributions, adding more than $7000 in the last month.

Individual contributions to School Board candidates are limited to $1000 per person. For more information on all the Los Angeles School Board candidates, including campaign fundraising details, interviews, and biographies, check out LA School Report’s special Election 2013 section.

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