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Union Funding One of Two Endorsed Candidates

Hillel Aron | April 19, 2013

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UTLA’s political action committee, or PACE, has given $1,000 to the Monica Ratliff campaign, according to paperwork filed with the City Ethics Commission — but hasn’t funded her opponent, Antonio Sanchez.

Both candidates have been endorsed by the teachers union.

The move is all the more notable because on Wednesday, UTLA’s House of Representatives again had the opportunity to change its District 6 endorsements, which had been proposed in a special session held in March.

Both candidates were present at the Wednesday evening meeting of the union governing body, but the item wasn’t on the agenda and wasn’t put to a vote.

Asked why Sanchez critics hadn’t called for a vote on the endorsements, PACE Vice Chair Brent Smiley speculated that disorganization may have played a part.  “Sometimes keeping focus isn’t always the strength of certain people.”

When asked why UTLA hadn’t given equal funding to Sanchez, Smiley responded that the political action committee would consider doing so if Sanchez only asked.

“He hasn’t asked,” said Smiley.  “We’re not in the habit of handing out money to people who don’t ask.”

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