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UTLA-PACE: Website Now, Disclosure Later?

LA School Report | January 30, 2013

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Earlier this month, the political arm of the Los Angeles teachers union known as UTLA-PACE unveiled a new “Join PACE” website devoted almost entirely to the upcoming LAUSD elections. But there is no sign yet that it has filed disclosure paperwork with the City Ethics Committee.

As a tax-exempt labor organization, the union is allowed to advocate for teachers. But according to the City Ethics website, once a group spends more than $1,000 advocating for the defeat or election of a candidate, detailed disclosure must follow immediately.

The UTLA-PACE site devotes most of its space to criticizing incumbent School Board President Monica Garcia, who has been an outspoken advocate for school choice and a number of reforms that are opposed by UTLA leadership. So far, UTLA-PACE has reported no spending at all on the School Board race, making the genesis of the newly designed site a bit of a mystery. We’ve asked UTLA-PACE for information and will let you know if we find out any answers.

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