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Implementing the Teacher Evaluation Deal

Hillel Aron | January 22, 2013

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UTLA President Warren Fletcher

Last week, classroom teachers voted overwhelmingly to approve a new system of evaluations, which include data from California Standardized Tests.

 “I’m gratified our members ratified the agreement that clearly states, individual AGT (Academic Growth Over Time) scores will not be used as part of a teacher’s final evaluation,” said UTLA chief Warren Fletcher in a statement. “

Sixty-six percent of UTLA’s rank and file members (11,185 teachers) voted yes, according to a UTLA press release (read full statement here).

The vote marks the end of a saga that began In November 2011, and the beginning of difficult phase in which the district must develop and implement the new plan. Superintendent John Deasy has a good deal of latitude in figuring out the specifics of the new evaluations. Of especial interest is just how much weight test scores will have.

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