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UTLA’s downtown rally makes a media splash far and wide

LA School Report | March 6, 2015

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Aside from being well attended by thousands of teachers and supporters, the rally held last week by the LA teachers union, UTLA, also attracted its fair share of media attention.

The major city papers were there, as were TV stations, college newspapers and even a humble education news website. The rally also got national attention, with the Associated Press story being picked up by news organizations as far flung and far removed from LAUSD issues as the Grand Island Independent.

With the TV helicopter shots confirming that the entire park was filled with little standing room, one could assume UTLA leaders were pleased with the attendance and coverage. But despite the big media splash, UTLA still has one more story on the rally it wants people to see.

Nearly a week after the event, UTLA reveled its own video on the rally and posted it to its Facebook page. It is slickly produced and edited and longer than most news organizations dedicated, so it actually provides a good feel for what is was like to be there and a chance for those interested to see the rally the way UTLA wants you to see it.

Take a look at the video link above or click here.



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