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Citing Vergara, union watchdog group urges parents to sue

LA School Report | June 12, 2014

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Center for Union Facts VergaraJust in case parents around the country missed the decision in Vergara v. California, a union-watch group in Washington is spreading the word.

The Center for Union Facts, a nonprofit, ran an ad in today’s USA Today that urges parents and school reform advocates to to follow Vergara’s lead and sue when teacher unions block reform efforts.

Judge Rolf Treu decided in favor of the nine student plaintiffs, declaring unconstitutional laws that set rules for teacher tenure, seniority rights and dismissal. As chief defendant, California was joined by the state’s two biggest teacher unions.

“While the final resolution of this case may still be years away after inevitable appeals, it demonstrates there are means beyond traditional legislative venues to achieve education reform,” said Richard Berman, executive director of the Center. “Just because teachers unions block reform efforts in state legislatures and local school boards, reform advocates don’t have to sit idly by while children and our education infrastructure suffer.”

A spokesman for the Center said the ad was part of an on-going campaign to focus on teacher unions that urges parents to have a voice in education policy.

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