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Villaraigosa’s Big Education Day

LA School Report | February 12, 2013

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Mayor Villaraigosa at today’s 24th Street Elementary parents’ event. Image: Colin Young-Wolff

He may never have won direct control over LAUSD and he may or may not ever get a Cabinet appointment.  He may have only a few more weeks before his replacement is picked.

But outgoing LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa still enjoys some big days on the education reform front.

Today included news that Villaraigosa had convinced New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to contribute $1 million to the independent expenditure committee Villaraigosa supports — news that was picked up nationally by Politico as well as by LA School Report, the LA Weekly, and the LA Times.

Villaraigosa also had time to do a morning appearance with the folks from Parent Revolution, whose parent trigger approach Villaraigosa strongly supports.  Later on in the day, the LAUSD School Board voted –unanimously — to approve the parent trigger petition there.

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