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What leadership looks like: Stakeholders weigh in on the qualities they hope to see in LAUSD’s next superintendent

LA School Report | February 19, 2018

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With a formal search now underway for Los Angeles Unified’s next superintendent, stakeholders have lots of ideas on the qualities our next district leader should have.

In a new commentary series launching today, local and national education leaders share their thoughts on a fundamental question: What should leadership look like at the top?

The district has changed superintendents nine times in 20 years and is facing severe challenges from declining enrollment, persistently underperforming schools, pension debts, and a looming deficit. One thing that everyone agrees on: LA Unified needs a leader who can navigate these challenges.

Read and share the first four pieces and follow our superintendent series for more voices and updates:

Speak UP’s Katie Braude and Jenny Hontz: A fearless leader has the opportunity to make an enormous difference

Parent Revolution’s Seth Litt: Much more, much better is possible right now

Chiefs for Change’s Mike Magee: LAUSD is missing a leader today and a pipeline for tomorrow

LAUSD’s parent committee volunteers: We need someone who knows the district

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