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Union Endorsements Could Affect District 6 Runoff

Hillel Aron | March 6, 2013

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Two UTLA-endorsed candidates, Antonio Sanchez and Monica Ratliff, won the most votes yesterday and will face each other in the May 21 general election for District 6.

Earlier today, UTLA President Warren Fletcher put out a pro forma press release saying that either Sanchez or Ratliff would be strong Board members.

However, UTLA’s House of Representatives meets tonight, and Vice President Gregg Solkovits told LA School Report, “I’m sure the topic [of the endorsements] will come up and we’ll talk about it.”

The 350-member House of Representatives — one of whose members is Ratliff — isn’t always on the same page as UTLA’s leadership, and could reverse course.

Even if they do decide to strip Sanchez of his endorsement and focus on Ratliff, it’s not clear that they if they have any money left to mount a serious campaign.

“I think they’re tapped out,” said one pro-reform political consultant.But Ratliff has already shown the ability to impress editorial boards and the public, even without any major funding.

“She put a real credible effort together,” said the consultant. “The Coalition and Sanchez would be stupid to underestimate her.”

Sanchez’s campaign consultant, Mike Shimpock, said that Sanchez will benefit from the Latino-majority demographics of District 6 and the increase in voter turnout in the general election that many expect.

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