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With Zimmer Support, Board May Win Veto Power Over Grant Applications

Hillel Aron | December 10, 2012

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Board member Steve Zimmer said he expects to support the resolution at tomorrow’s board meeting that would subject any LAUSD grant application over $750,000 to school board approval (see: Board Members Aim to ‘Cuff Supt?) —  although he said he’s not “100 percent” certain.

“My general feeling is that the Board of Education are the policy makers of LAUSD,” Zimmer told LA School Report.  “For any significant grant that has any type of policy implication, it should be green-lighted by the board.”

Sponsored by Dr. Richard Vladovic, Marguerite LaMotte and Bennett Kayser, the resolution’s exact impact is not entirely clear. LAUSD’s $40 million Race to the Top grant application, for example, was put forward to the school board and approved despite the lack of approval from UTLA (See: Union Unmoved by Hurricane Extension).

“To me, this is not a hot-button issue,” said Zimmer, who was not listed as a cosponsor of the resolution. “But apparently there are some members who feel that there have been some things done without board approval.”

Zimmer’s vote would be the fourth, and decisive, vote in favor of the measure.

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