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Zimmer Postpones Charter Proposal

Hillel Aron | October 4, 2012

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Board Member Steve Zimmer

LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer’s proposal to overhaul charter school oversight and, more controversially, to place a moratorium on new charter schools, has been postponed until the November 13 board meeting, according to the just-posted agenda for the meeting this Tuesday, October 9.

Zimmer’s idea was first presented at last month’s board meeting, and generated heavy criticism from parents and charter school activists.  His resolution to change the way teachers are evaluated, which has also generated much controversy and has already been twice postponed, is on Tuesday’s agenda. Click below for  the key paragraph that deals with Academic Growth over Time, or AGT.

“Resolved further, That the Board urges the Superintendent to use a robust and diverse set of student learning instruments, including both state administered exams and authentic teacher developed assessments, that will allow for more complete and reliable student growth indicators to be a part of teacher’s professional growth and evaluation. This detailed information about student academic growth should be used instead of AGT scores or any other measurements based on a single test, as teachers and administrators seek to use data to inform best practices that will improve student achievement;” [emphasis ours]

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